Front Door Graphics

Vinyl with lamination
Client wanted to change a door graphics made by coroplast and this was fading out totally. She wanted to cover also whole dood and wanted to make it look mor attractive to drivers bypass.
She did not want to use the same coroplast because she thought it looked cheap. On other hand she wanted someting "stick so well" that it could not come off.


Before                                                                       With Banners  

Final: With Vinyl

Client's idea: 
Client agreed with banner and glue it directly into door. After installing banner it showed that she did not like it at all.
Final decision: 
We suggested he to go back to basic vinyl and it can stick better and looks better. A problem was cleaning banner with heavy glue (we used strong construction adhensive as she wanted it do not come off). The both jobs (banner and vinyl) look from distance (from driver's view) almost the same but opinions of walk-in customers are different and these are important to client.
Final budget: 
200.00 CAD
Vinyl Full color print