Saigon Grill

Reprint, Change a graphics for new owners
Client took over business and needed to change a all signs. They never had restaurant before and tried to put every thing on signs. The best thing is that client is very open and listen for things what make a sense. After disscussing they acepted "simple" concept and agreed do not put every thing on "sign" and agree to put only Name, phone number and simple "type" of restaurant.
Also they worry about color fading from weather likes many signs next doors. We explained to them lamination option and how "too" cheap price can go. The other signs wer fading colors very fast because they don't have lamination on top.
We also designed the name of restaurant as big as we can because we explained that evey driver has only 3s-5s to catch this sign when they are driving.
BEFORE (Sign was good, showed the name but to busy to catch a type of restaurant)


Client's idea: 
No specific ideas from begining. Wants to put as much as informations to let people know about what restaurant can offer: Vietnamese resuarant, Take-out, Dine-in, Delivery, Karaoke ... No specific colors
Final decision: 
By simple big block letters for name of restaurant Colors "red" and "yellow" have been chosen to make it stand out during day and night. Put minimum informations: Phone, website
Vinyl Full color print
One of front store sign is really long, 27' and it was build like joint by 4 parts. It was risky that sign can be broken during installation. Our guys were experienced enough to secure it and took it down safely. We tried to control cost but we need to bring Bucket truck for pylon post sign. Our guys made it in 4 hours for total 5 signs, it was really good.
Anything else?: 
Client seems to be happy. 2 other businesses in the same plaza were impressed by the sign as it stand out more than their. They like the simple concept of sign.